"It all started when I was a young boy. I used to watch my Uncle Pat in the basement of his machine shop. He would collect and fix up old bicycles that he found at the town dump. After cleaning and repairing these bikes he would give them to the kids in his neighborhood. He had only repaired half a dozen bikes but that really impressed me. A voice in the back of my head said … 'Wow that’s pretty cool… if he could do 6 bikes… I could do 6000'. When I became an adult I started finding and repairing old bikes out of my garage and giving them to needy children at my wife’s elementary school where she was a teacher. Many years later I joined Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club. Here I found an army of like-minded people who helped me to expand my vision and create a larger goal of making recycled bikes available to the entire community. Hence in 2012 Northeast Community Cycles, a 501(c) 3 non-profit was born… getting bigger and better every year." 

President - Tony Suppa 


Tony  Suppa  ­- President  and  Founder                                                                                

 Tony  loves  bicycles… all  kinds  of  bicycles.   He  wants  to  spread  the  fun, health  and  transportation  benefits  of  cycling  to  as  many  people  as possible.   Tony  has  worked  20  + years  as  an independent  contractor but  finds  his non-profit venture to  be his  most  rewarding  project  yet.   Tony  was  the  former Incentives Chairman for Sound  Cyclists Bicycle Club.

Phyllis Lodato-Suppa - Secretary

Phyllis  is  an  outdoor  enthusiast.   Biking ranks high on her list of passions along with snowboarding, hiking and camping.   Previously she was Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club Membership Director and board member.    She is also a sculptor and was an art educator  in the Stamford School System  for the 27 years.

Trent Luby - Head  Mechanic

Trent loves all things outdoors, be it hiking, climbing, or camping... but his true passion lies in cycling.   He enjoys downhill mountain biking, cross country and road riding.   Trent always works on his own bikes and worked with Northeast Bicycles in sales and as a mechanic for 12+ years.

Gary Andrews - Shop Manager

Gary enjoys various outdoor activities like hiking and biking, though his passion is skiing.   After a long career in telecommunication with AT&T and networking with Pitney Bowes, he is currently retired and active within this organization.

Don Stillman – Treasurer and Financial Advisor

Don is a CPA and a member of Sound Cyclists for over 20 years.   Don has been actively involved in promoting cycling in the community.   He has been a Sound Cyclist Bloomin' Metric Director for 7 years and a Spin Odyssey Assistant Director.

Peter Monin - Development Manager

Peter's first "big" purchases were bicycles. In his youth, he worked for local bike shops (shout out to Jules!), and has been fixing and tinkering with just about everything he can, including a race car he built himself. When not busy with his family, photography, or his career in marketing analytics, you may find him endurance racing at Watkins Glen and the like, or if it's wintertime, racing wheel-to-wheel on frozen lakes.


Trent Luby

Jeff Munk

Peter Monin

Bobbie Kinn

Gary Andrews

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